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Stephen Breen - President, OAMP

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the OAMP!

Medical physicists, whether in research or clinical settings, have an important role in our health care system.  A number of concerns of medical physicists–our role in ensuring quality and safety in the use of energy applying medical devices, our possible status as a regulated profession, our research and our funding from certain granting agencies–are all regulated by the Province.

I invite you to become a member of the OAMP, to work with you and your colleagues so that medical physicists will have a strong voice in Ontario.

Stephen Breen, PhD, MCCPM
OAMP President

Membership Categories

1. Full members – $50
a. practice medical physics by engaging in clinical, research, or academic activity related to applications of physics in medicine and biology as determined by a review of their membership application, and
b. have earned a degree in medical physics or in a related physical, computer, mathematical and applied science, or engineering field from a recognized university or program, and
c. have a primary residence or workplace in Ontario.

2. Associate members – $10
a. are those applicants not otherwise eligible for Full Membership.

3. Student members – $10
a. who are in full time study towards a degree in a field which would qualify them for Full Membership in the Corporation and who, in each year, submit proof of their student status, as determined by the OAMP.

4. Retired members – $10
a. are members who, in the past, were eligible for Full or Associate Membership but who, by virtue of retirement, no longer practice medical physics for remuneration.

5. Corporate members – $200
a. are those corporations who subscribe to the specific purposes of the OAMP.

To become an OAMP member, or to renew your membership:

1.       Go to the COMP home page and select “Become a member”.

2.       Click on “Account information” and fill out the “New Users” form, and under “other memberships” select OAMP.

3.       Email Gisele Kite, Administrator ( to ask her to create an invoice.

4.       Once you receive the invoice, please pay online.