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OAMP’s Comments Regarding Bill 160

OAMP's Comments on Bill 160

The OAMP has written a letter commenting on and responding to Bill 160, an Act to Amend, Repeal and Enact Various Acts in the Interest of Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients.  In particular, Bill 160 may replace the aging HARP Act, which is an issue that can impact how Ontario Medical[…]

Update on the Replacement of the HARP Act

Xray Legislation in Ontario

As you may have heard, in response to the Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Report and Recommendations on Modernizing Ontario’s Radiation Protection Regulations, the HARP Act may be repealed and replaced by legislation governing the use of Energy Applying and Detecting Medical Devices (EADMDs). The proposed Bill 160 has had its[…]

Considerations for Professional Regulation of Medical Physicists in Ontario

On May 1, 2017, the OAMP Board of Directors asked for volunteers for a Working Group to investigate the professional regulation of medical physicists in Ontario.  The OAMP Board has observed a number of activities in Ontario and across Canada that have the potential to affect the practice of medical[…]

Second Annual General Meeting of the OAMP

The Second Annual General Meeting of the OAMP will be held during the COMP Annual meeting in Ottawa on July 12, 2017, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, fourth floor, Nova Scotia/Newfoundland Room, at the Westin Ottawa. The Inaugural Meeting Minutes from last year’s meeting (July 20, 2016) can be downloaded here.[…]

Report and Recommendations on Modernizing Ontario’s Radiation Protection Legislation

EAMD report

Unlike the harm experienced following a surgical error or a fall, the effects of radiation overexposure may not be immediately obvious; however, they can have serious implications. Patients are asked to place an enormous degree of trust in their care providers when they receive health services involving radiation. This report[…]