OAMP Nominations and Elections Process

Recently, the OAMP Board of Directors have agreed upon a nominations and elections process for the OAMP. Below is the agreed upon process.


The Ontario Corporations Act requires that the membership of an association elect its Board of Directors. The purpose of this policy is to set out nomination and election procedures for candidates to the Board of Directors of OAMP. These policies and procedures are subject to the provisions of OAMP by-laws. If there is any conflict between these procedures and the by-laws, the by-laws prevail.


1. Nominations

Candidates shall be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors as defined in the OAMP bylaws.

The OAMP Secretary shall publish a call for candidates at least 90 ninety days prior to the next annual meeting of members to fill existing or forthcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors.

Any full member in good standing may be nominated to a specific position on the OAMP Board of Directors by any other full member in good standing of OAMP provided that he or she fulfills the eligibility criteria for the position.

To be eligible for election, nominees must:

(a) Be members in good standing of OAMP.

(b) Have the support of a minimum of two (2) other full members in good standing.

Nominees must provide the following information to the OAMP Secretary:

(a) A brief letter of intent and rationale for becoming an OAMP Board Member signed and supported by a minimum of two (2) other OAMP full members in good standing

(b) Short Biography

The OAMP Secretary will prepare a slate of candidates for election as Directors using the names of the individuals responding to the call for candidates.

The OAMP Secretary will compile a list of candidates for election to the Board. In preparing the slate, the OAMP Secretary will ensure that:

(a) The candidates fulfill the eligibility criteria for nomination (as listed above);

(b) The candidates understand the election process;

(c) The candidates understand their responsibilities as Directors;

(d) The candidates are willing and able to serve their term if elected; and

(e) Directors whose term is expiring and who wish to stand for election or re-election are considered in the same manner as other candidates (subject to the re-election limitations specified in Section 2.02 of bylaws).

When a nomination is complete, it shall be published in a manner so that the nomination is known to the OAMP membership. It is not necessary to wait for all nominations to be completed before publication to the membership.

2. Elections

The Directors comprising the Board of Directors of OAMP shall be elected as required by an ordinary resolution of Full Members entitled to vote.

The election of Directors shall be accomplished by electronic ballot.

The OAMP Secretary shall make a slate of candidates and the qualifications of the individuals on the slate available to the Board for its consideration and approval at least ten (10) days before the date on which the voting package including access to the electronic ballot will be sent to the members along with a recommendation that the members elect Directors from among the individuals whose names are on the slate.

Regardless of the number of nominations received, each voting member shall be sent by e-mail a voting package containing the following information and each voting package shall be the same for each voting member:

(a) A copy of the slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors.

(b) Notice of the voting deadline which shall be 30 days from the date the voting package is emailed to the voting members.

(c) Background information for each of the candidates.

The voting member shall cast their electronic vote online, on or before the voting deadline.

Each Voting Member who responds before the voting deadline shall be included in the determination of a quorum. Lack of a response on or after the voting deadline shall be treated as an abstention.

The votes shall be tallied within 10 days after the voting deadline.

Once the votes have been tallied, the OAMP Secretary shall inform each voting member by email of the outcome of all votes.

The Board will review the election policy on an annual basis.