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The OAMP’s Comments on Bill 160

OAMP's Comments on Bill 160The OAMP has written a letter commenting on and responding to Bill 160, an Act to Amend, Repeal and Enact Various Acts in the Interest of Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients, and submitted our letter to the appropriate provincial legislative committee.

In particular, part of Bill 160 is to replace the aging HARP Act, which is an issue that can impact how Ontario Medical Physicists practice, and how Energy Applying and Detecting Medical Devices (EADMDs) are regulated in the Province.

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Legislative Efforts to Replace the HARP Act Now Underway

Xray Legislation in OntarioIn response to the Health Quality Ontario (HQO) Report and Recommendations on Modernizing Ontario’s Radiation Protection Regulations, the HARP Act may be repealed and replaced by legislation governing the use of Energy Applying and Detecting Medical Devices (EADMDs).

The proposed Bill 160 has had its 2nd reading and is now entering into the consultation phase with interested stakeholders.

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The Ontario Association of Medical Physicists (OAMP) is the provincial organization for all medical physicists in Ontario.

There are two hundred medical physicists employed in Ontario in cancer centres, hospital medical imaging departments, universities, and industry, in addition to graduate students in several academic programs.

The OAMP provides a voice for the medical physics community in its relationships with the public, government, agencies, and other healthcare associations.